Turkey Computational Social Sciences Conference 2023 (TCSS 2023)
Öne çıkan görsel

Dear Colleagues and Students,

We are happy to announce that the first Turkey Computational Social Sciences Conference (TCSS), TCSS 2023: Understanding Society with Data, will take place at Koç University, Istanbul on the 13th and the 14th of April 2023. The conference will provide an excellent opportunity for researchers in all areas of social sciences and humanities who are working with computational methods to share their ideas, discuss issues and challenges related to their fields, and initiate collaborative projects with their colleagues. With the TCSS 2023, which is organized under the auspices of the Social ComQuant project, we aim to lay the foundations of a vibrant, robust, and lasting community of computational social scientists to discuss issues related to the field including, but not limited to:

·      Big data in social research

·      Social media studies

·      Social network analysis

·      Ethics in computational social sciences

·      Methodological issues in social sciences

·      Agent based modeling

·      Population dynamics

·      Use of natural language processing in social sciences

·      Collective behavior

·      Event data

·      Political polarization

·      Dis/Misinformation dissemination