Application Procedures

Special rules and regulations apply to the international candidates as announced by the University. 

For information about the application, admission, and registration rules and regulations in English, please see here.

To see frequently asked questions regarding the overall procedures of international candidates, please see here.

  • International candidates, who meet the admission requirements, are welcome to our programs. However, quotas for international candidates are announced separately in each semester. The possibility of transfer between the departments are also determined each semester by the departments.
  • Application, registration, admission, and financial procedures of the international students are regulated by the University Senate based on national legislation.
  • Departments’ foreign language requirements do not apply for international candidates when applying for Master’s degrees.
  • Departments’ ALES or equivalent exam requirements do not apply for international candidates when applying for Master’s and doctoral degrees.
  • When the departments announce quotas for international candidates, evaluations are made based on; the applicant's CGPA, World University Ranking of the applicant’s latest graduated university, and the compatibility of the applicant's former educational background. The accreditation of applicants' former Bachelor’s and Graduate degrees by the Council of Higher Education is prioritized.
  • Accepted candidates should submit a Turkish language certificate with a minimum C1 level by ESOGÜ TÖMER. In case of failing this proficiency level, students need to enroll in the Turkish Preparatory Class of ESOGÜ TÖMER and submit their Turkish language certificate within four weeks after the lectures start. If international students had completed their former degree in Turkey, they are exempt from this rule.
  • In case of failing to provide C1 Turkish proficiency granted by ESOGÜ TÖMER in a year, students are dismissed from the Institution